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Blood Spots

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Blood Spots are harmless and often appear on the face, chest, abdomen, tummy or back. They are also known as Cherry Angiomas or Campbell de Morgan. These tiny red blood spots are generally very small but they can appear larger and in more of a purple colour.

Often appearing as the individual gets older, they are easily, safely, and quickly removed using VeinAway. The pinpoint accuracy of VeinAway is able to target the blood spots and kill them off at their roots by nullifying their blood supply. The process causes them to come off naturally after a short period of time.


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Are the little red spots on my back, chest and groin, Blood spots?

It is likely they are blood spots. A quick, free consultation will be able to determine what they are and how we will remove them. Book using the button below.
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Blood Spot Removal Beaconsfield
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Procedure Time

15 minutes

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Sensitivity Time

2 hours


1-3 days

Results Duration


Number of Treatments


Full Recovery


Potential Risks

Limited sensitivity


How many Cherry Angiomas can be treated?

In just one visit it is normally possible to remove all the blood spots on your face or body.

Is it painful to have the blood spots removed?

There is minimal discomfort during the treatment and no discomfort following the treatment

Where can I go to have the Blood spots / Cherry Angiomas removed?

We have clinics in Beaconsfield on Station Parade.

What should I do after the blood spot treatment?
  • You will be advised in detail before and after your treatments of what you can expect, and what you should not do to the treated area.
What are these Blood Spot?

They are very small red spots. They can appear anywhere on the body and can be the size of a pin head or the size of a small pea.

What causes Blood Spots?

Ageing is most general cause although sun damage and genetic are also thought to be associated with causing Blood Spots or Cherry Angioma

How long before the Blood Spots have totally gone?

Small red marks will appear after a day in the area that has been treated. These marks may become tiny scratches or crusts. Within 3 days, they will disappear, providing the aftercare advice has been adhered to.

How does the treatment for Blood Spots work?

VeinAway is used for the removal of Blood Spots and Cherry Angioma. VeinAway uses thermo-coagulation and delivers a very high frequency pulse of energy that seals the walls supplying the blood to the small skin lesion. This causes the blood supply to be cut off and so cannot feed the lesion, causing it to die-off.