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Eyebags Removal Treatment

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The appearance of loose, wrinkly skin under the eyes or eye bags is most common in adults. The main cause is the lack of collagen and elasticity in the skin which causes the area under the eyes to loosen and sag. Thankfully we can easily and safely treat this problem with “true” Plaxel Plasma, or Jet Plasma. The removal of these eyebags is a safe, non-surgical treatment that generates just minimal to zero discomfort. Either of the treatments will create a reaction and retraction under the skin, causing the skin under the eyes to tighten and the bags be smoothed and removed.

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Fibroblast Plasma Pen for puffy eyebags

Will I see the results from the eyebag removal treatment?

The Plaxel treatment is the best non-surgical treatment for puffy eyes, eyebags and saggy loose skin under the eyes. The treatment of the Plaxel Plasma for the eyebags is more medically called non-surgical, non-ablative Blepharoplasty.
On particular individuals, two Plaxel Plasma treatments may be necessary, several weeks apart. You will see a significant reduction in any puffiness or saggy skin under the eyes. Your skin will be left smoother, and flatter. You will look less tired and look younger, as the areas under your eyes will remain tighter, for years to come.


eyebag removal treatment Beaconsfield
eyebag removal treatment Beaconsfield
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Procedure Time

40 minutes

Back on Your Feet



Local Anaesthetic Cream

Sensitivity Time

2-3 days


Within Days

Results Duration

Around 3 yeats depending on lifestyle

Number of Treatments

Up to 2

Full Recovery

Small markings will disappear within weaks

Potential Risks

Mild redness for a few days

eyebag removal treatment Beaconsfield
eyebag removal treatment Beaconsfield
eyebag removal treatment Beaconsfield

Is there any discomfort or damage to the skin?

The treatment is performed under a local cream anaesthetic, and so only occasional minor discomfort is felt. It is important to remember that our technology is brand new and does not form electrical arcs to burn the skin. You may find other Plasma devices do this. There is no damage to the skin. There is a normal process of aftercare that you will need to adhere to in order to get the best results and alleviate the skin from scarring.

Will I need more than one treatment?

Over a period of weeks and months, the area will flatten. The effect will make you look less tired and give your face a younger look appearance overall. However, it is possible that a second treatment may be required. This depends on how your skin reacts to the treatment and the nature of the “puffy eyes” eyebags

How does the treatment compare to surgery?

The treatment is not for everybody. Your consultation via phone, zoom, or in the clinic, will allow us to assess whether you should undertake this safe non-surgical treatment. We are transparent with our clients and will advise of alternatives to the Plasma Pen treatment if we do not think they are suitable candidates for us. In comparison to surgery “under the knife”, those who are treated, will find the treatment has less minimal discomfort and inconvenience, is more affordable to many, and has a shorter and easier amount of downtime post-treatment.

How will the areas around the eyes look after treatment?

You will find a significant reduction in any puffiness or saggy // puffy skin under the eyes. The skin will be tighter, contracted, smoother, and hydrated. The treatment is remarkable in how it can transform the way the face looks (less tired and years younger).

What can I expect to happen to the treated area after treatment?

You will be given full aftercare instructions and a lengthy brief in the clinic. It is critical to adhere to the aftercare instructions to a) achieve the very best results possible and b) keep the area safe from damage, infection, and scaring.

How do I prepare for the procedure?

We ask you not to apply any cosmetics or makeup before your visit to us. We will need to know about any recent medical conditions and medications taken at that time.

What are the side effects of Plasma Pen?

You will find that the white dots around the treated area around the eyes, will remain for a couple of days. They will then turn slightly red in colour and slight swelling may occur. Whilst drinking more water than normal and with the right amount of care (as per instructions) the swelling will be kept to a minimum) Around a week later, the healing will be complete with no sign of swelling or red marks. Within 3-4 weeks we would suggest that you can go back to your normal daily routine of skincare but keep applying a minimum of SPF30 to the treated area, even on cloudy days.

Which areas can I have Plasma Pen?

We specifically treat the areas around the eyes, under the eyes, the eyelids, cheeks, above the lips, and loose skin around the belly/tummy.

How long does a session last?

Acne treatments at the Skin Clinic in Beaconsfield, start from £135. This still represents enormous value. It is a journey that we and all our previous and existing clients believe in. The products are paraben-free and work with your own body’s chemistry.

Will Jet Plasma be used to treat the removal of the baggy eyebags under the eyes?

Yes, Jet Plasma is a viable option to use to treat and remove eyebags.  It will quickly tighten and lift the eyelids allowing the eyes to look less tired. There is no downtime to Jet Plasma.