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Eyelid Lift Treatment

Eyelid lift treatment. Lifting of droopy eyelids hoods above eye with Plasma pen in Beaconsfield, Cookham, Berks

Eyelid Lift Treatment

Treatment for Droopy Eyelids / Hoods in Beaconsfield, Bucks

The appearance of gradual droopy eyelids is common amongst adults and not uncommon to occur from a younger age. Thankfully we can easily and safely treat this problem with “true” Plaxel

The most common causes for the closing of the lids or hoods, also known as ptosis,  on the eyes are:

  • Weakness of the muscle that raises the eyelid
  • Damage to the nerves that control that muscle
  • Looseness of the skin of the upper eyelids

Thankfully, the true non-surgical Plaxel Plasma treatment that we use in the clinic is a wonderful way to tighten those eyelids, causing them to lift and remain lifted. The appearance of the eyes changes dramatically over the following weeks and months.

The treatment will leave you looking less tired, more awake and allow you to look great for your age.

£250 (incl both eyes)


When will I see the results and for how long?

The results are most commonly seen from the first week. Providing the correct aftercare is taken, you will find that the eyelids lift and tighten over the course of the first few weeks and following months.

Is the Plaxel Plasma treatment painful on the eyelids?

Surprisingly there is minimal discomfort with the Plaxel Plasma. There is an option to have a local anaesthetic cream applied beforehand but generally, there is minimal discomfort with our Plasma treatment. This new technology does not have the uncomfortable burning of the skin, including smell and initial scabbing, that other companies often use.

Eyebag removal treatment
Plaxel Plasma-Pen-eyelid-hood-lift just after treatment

Who performs the Plaxel Plasma treatment on the eyelids?

Advanced skin therapist Jacqui Bannister. Jacqui is highly qualified having been using Plasma for treatments since 2014. She is the former owner and head therapist at the award-winning BeauSynergy in Hertfordshire.

What should I do after my treatment?

Critically it is vital that you follow the aftercare instructions explained following your Plaxel Plasma treatment. Key takeaways to give you the safest and very best results include:

  • Do not touch, itch, scratch, or wash the treated areas, ideally for seven days.
  • Do not use a scrub or any type of exfoliation for at least three weeks
  • Tab treated area with unscented soap after seven days, if necessary
  • Stay out of direct sunlight for at least 7 days. Wear a minimum SPF30 on your face for at least 30 days. Ideally, wear dark glasses if you have to go outside during the first 7 days
  • Let any scabs fall off naturally!

£250 (incl both eyes)


Recommended treatment(s): 

Procedure Time

40 minutes

Back on Your Feet



Local anaesthetic cream

Sensitivity Time

2 – 3 days


Immediately and ongoing

Results Duration

up to 3 years

Number of Treatments

1 – 2

Full Recovery


Potential Risks

Some sensitivity and redness for a few days


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the treatment permanent?

Results are not permanent and will not last as long as for those who had surgery for the treatment. Depending on the individual’s skin and lifestyle, we expect the tightening of the skin under the eyes to last around 3 years.

What can I expect to happen to the treated area of the eyelids after treatment?

You will be given full aftercare instructions and a lengthy brief in the clinic. It is critical to adhere to the aftercare instructions to a) achieve the very best results possible b) keep the area safe from damage, infection, and scaring.

How do I prepare for this skin treatment in Beaconsfield?

We ask you not to apply any cosmetics or makeup before your visit to us. We will need to know about any recent medical conditions and medications taken at that time.

What are the side effects of the Plasma for the eyelids?

You will find that the white dots around the treated area around the eyes, will remain for a couple of days. They will then turn slightly red in colour and slight swelling may occur. Whilst drinking more water than normal and with the right amount of care (as per instructions) the swelling will be kept to a minimum) Around a week later, the healing will be complete with no sign of swelling or red marks. Within 3-4 weeks we would suggest that you can go back to your normal daily routine of skincare but keep applying a minimum of SPF30 to the treated area, even on cloudy days.

Which areas can be treated with Plasma Pen?

Other than the eyelids, we specifically treat all the areas around the eyes and under the eyes, cheeks, above the lips, and loose skin around the belly/tummy.

A local anaesthetic will be offered before your treatment. However, the Plaxar Plasma Pen is like no other. There is not the discomfort associated with most other Plasma Pens. There is no electrical current that causes the burning of the skin. Most clients do not go for any numbing cream.

How long does the treatment last?

Depending on the areas to be treated, you will find each treatment will last around 30-40 minutes. If more than one area (eyes are one area) is being treated, then a second appointment is generally required. It is not uncommon for two treatments of the same area to be required. A chat the Beaconsfield clinic with the advanced skin therapist will allow you to discuss all options.

How do I book a Plasma Pen treatment for my eyelids in the Beaconsfield clinic?

Results are not permanent and will not last as long as for those who had surgery for the treatment. Depending on the individual’s skin and lifestyle, we expect the tightening of the skin under the eyes to last around 3 years.