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Vitamin C injection by Jacqui Bannister

Facial treatments

Skincare facials are the generic term if you are looking for the best professional, such as Jacqui Bannnister (seen here),  to advise and treat your skin. If you are looking for facials that make a positive difference to your skin, then you do need to be looking for a bespoke facial that works with your own individual skin. Every person’s skin is unique and as such, you need a facial skin treatment that gives you the best results, has the least sensitivity, has little downtime and makes your skin look younger, glowing, smooth, clear, plumper and yet defined.

Here at the clinic, we are serious about facials that make significant differences to your facial skin and neck. As an example, DMK enzyme therapy, DMK homecare and microneedling with pro-radiance, will get your skin looking great for your age. However, a consultation will determine what is best facial treatment plan for your skin.

Which Facials are best for you?

During your consultation you will be able to give us a thorough understanding of your skin concerns and your experience with your skin, during the skin ageing process. You can tell us what has not worked, what has worked, your lifestyle, your work and much more. A skin treatment and homecare plan will be put together to give you the best results from your facial.

from £95


What is the best Facial for my Skin?

Finding the best facial for your skin can be a worry. You know that your skin is different to eveyone else’s. You know which creams and serums have worked best and which do not. But you don’t know who you can trust that will understand your skin and bring you the best skin treatment and the best results from your facial.

Trusting Jacqui’s expert knowledge will allow her put together the most cost-effective skincare facial treatment for you.

Our facial treatments to produce clearer, smoother, fresher, healthier and less tired skin may well include; DMK, skin peels, chemical peels, enzymes, pro-radiance, plasma pen, LED, profhilo, jet plasma, microneedling, hydra facial or combinations.

Call us now for an appointment to discuss a treatment plan to get your skin back on track and glowing again.

Facial review at Skin Clinic

from £95


Recommended treatment(s): 

Procedure Time

Up to 90 minutes

Back on Your Feet




Sensitivity Time

Up to 24 hours



Results Duration

Long term

Full Recovery


Number of Treatments

Ideally once 4-6 weeks

Potential Risks

Slight short term redness

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Facial?

Each person would have an individual facial which is bespoke to them. The best facial for the best results for your skin, will be determined during your skin consultation.

What is the cost of a Facial?

The cost of a facial will depend on which facial is prescribed to you during your consultation. The cost may vary slightly, up or down, during your skin care treatment course. Generally you will be looking at between £95 and £150 per treatment. This will depend on active ingredients used in the treatment and the overall time taken for your skin treatment at the skin clinic.

Do Facials hurt?

A prescribed facial at the skin clinic in Beaconsfield, does not hurt. You may feel some tingling and some movement of the skin during the treatment. That is a good sign that the natural ingredients are working well on the skin and not burning the skin. You are spoken to during the treatment and informed of the various stages and ingredients being added to your skin.

Do the Facials use natural ingredients?

Yes. We strive to always use natural ingredients. It is often said that natural facial ingredients are 100% paraben free. That may well be the case if you are looking for a nice, relaxing, soothing facial to make you feel good during the treatment. However, if you are looking for the facial to make a positive difference to your skin, there needs to be a very small amount of paraben in the ingredients. This is usually less than 1%. If this is not within the ingredients for the facial, you will not get the desired results.

What skin care Facial treatments will I be offered?

Treatments may well include, skin peels, chemical peels, enzymes, microdermabrasion, exfoliation, plasma pen, skin tightening, LED, profhilo, skin needling, microneedling hydra facial.

Do I need a skin consultation in Beaconsfield, before I have my Facial?

Generally speacking, we would advise to have a full consultation. Commonly, most clients are concerned about the way their skin has changed for the worse and wish for us to make significant differences to the skin over the short and long term. In order for these desired results to happen, we need to fully understand your skin, your lifestyle and your hopes for your skin. Therefore a skin consultation is necessary to produce the desired results from your facials.

Do I need to have a skincare regime at home following my Facial?

This really depends on the facial you are prescribed. If you are looking for a one-off brightening facial for clearer glowing skin, then you will informed of skin care that you could use at home to help maintain. However, if you are looking for continual long-term results for great, healthy skin, then you will be advised of the necessary skin home care to use at home. A great skincare regime at home will compliment the in-clinic skin treatments for continual great skin, year after year.

Are there any after affects following treatment?

Each person would have an individual facial which is bespoke to them. The best facial for the best results for your skin, will be determined during your skin consultation.

Can men have Facials?

Men and teenagers can have facials. Male skin grooming is increasingly popular. Men and now teenagers are looking to be educated on keeping their skin at its very best. If their hair and clothes looks good, then they do not want to spoil their overal appearance with poor skin colour or skin tone. Men now, more than ever, are turning to advanced facials for their skin.