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Vitamin C injectables

Vitamin C injectables in beaconsfield

Vitamin C injections

How do Vitamin C injections help you?

A Vitamin C injection is quick with minimal discomfort. It has the huge benefit of helping build up the body’s immune system against colds, flu, and other viruses.

If you are looking to stay healthy or feel you are feeling tired. fatigued, lacking energy or feeling “run-down”, then our regular Vitamin C injection boosters will help pick you up and help keep you away from common colds and flu-like viruses.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and essential nutrient that has been shown to decrease the duration and symptoms of common flu-type illnesses. A Vitamin C injection at the skin treatment clinic helps minimize free radicals. The vitamin is also needed to produce collagen to give you healthier younger looking skin and stronger bones.


Benefits of a Vitamin C skin booster.

  • Help maintain great skin,
  • Increase bone strength,
  • Accelerate your energy levels,
  • Fight the free radicals in your body that accelerate ageing,
  • Help fight certain depressive feelings;
  • Aide weight loss
  • Increase bone strength.
  • Aide memory by increasing neurotransmitter levels in the brain.

An injectable Vitamin C booster is more powerful and abosorbed into the body far quicker than an oral supplement as they bypass the digestive system and go straight to your bloodstream. The body only receives around 15% of the actual vitamin when taken orally.



Vitamin C injection Beaconsfield
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Who performs the Vitamin C injections at the Beaconsfield clinic?

Jacqui Bannister (see photo) is owner and advanced Skin Revisionist at the clinic in Beaconsfield. She has been injecting since 2019 and has vast knowledge in all aspects of skin and nutrition.

Your appointment time will initially be 30 minutes but any follow up treatment will be just 10 minutes

The injections have just minimal discomfort for just one second.

Procedure Time

10 minutes

Back on Your Feet




Sensitivity Time

Possible soreness for 2 minutes


One month

Results Duration

One month

Full Recovery


Number of Treatments


Potential Risks